Leading School & Teacher Wellbeing


This online workshop is targeted towards Teachers and School Leaders across Primary, Secondary & Special environments.



TUEsday 6 JULY 2021

9.30am – 12.30pm

School and Teacher Wellbeing is becoming an increasingly important focus area for schools who wish to not only ensure the success of their students but also their teachers. However, it is time we moved from the reactive morning tea quick fix to a more sustained and embedded approach to improve individual and collective Teacher Wellbeing and impact overall school culture.

Your Facilitator

Amy is a past teacher and school leader with an expertise and desire to impact change.

Amy knows first-hand the struggles and pressures teachers face, which is why Amy is now a voice for teachers, supporting and helping them to make teaching easier. Amy believes there is a strong link between Teacher Wellbeing and the individual and collective practice of our educators.

This workshop is designed to provide Teachers and School Leaders with a deeper understanding of School Wellbeing in order to:
  • Establish a shared definition for what School and Teacher Wellbeing
  • Build a shared belief system for Teacher Wellbeing
  • Learn the difference between Self-Care and Wellbeing
  • Use a framework for Teacher Wellbeing that supports both individual and collective change
  • Move past the myth that wellbeing is about providing one-off events
  • Understand how our own self-awareness and emotional intelligence impacts our wellbeing and the wellbeing of others
  • Reflect on current approaches to Teacher Wellbeing
  • Embed Teacher Wellbeing as part of successful school culture