Leading Whole School Behaviour Improvement


This online workshop directly targets current and aspiring Principals, Assistant Principals, Senior Teachers and aspiring School Leaders.

virtual event

Combine with the Leading School Culture on the same day

wednesday 7 july 2021

1pm – 4pm

The elephant in the Australian classroom is student behaviour and it’s impact on EVERYONE in your school. It’s time we tackled this challenge differently.

If you are a School Leader of any description who has grown tired of failed attempts to program our way to improved student behaviour, then this workshop is targeted at you.

Your Facilitator

Adam Voigt is a proven successful Teacher & Principal in some of Australia’s toughest locations.

He has led Behaviour & Wellbeing across whole schools systems and has implemented change in schools as a Leader & a Professional Learning Consultant. Adam appears regularly in Australian media as an educational expert and is a voice for schools, parents and students when he does so.

You can expect to:

  • Discover cutting edge brain research that transforms your understanding of  student behaviour choices. No more will you cry “What was that all  about?!”. Youʼll know!
  • Hear examples from schools who have stepped beyond the program threshold that has so failed to produce the outcomes youʼre seeking.
  • Explore a free White Paper titled “Student Behaviour Improvement… Made Slightly Less Difficult”
  • Devise a roadmap to commence work immediately on a more harmonious, respectful and responsible future.