Introducing Simon Dewar

We have some incredibly exciting news.

Simon Dewar has just joined the Real Schools Team as our new Associate Director, responsible for School Partnerships.

Simon brings extensive experience from a range of different schools stretching from Western Metropolitan Victoria, the Geelong region and then the last 11 years in a rural setting in South West Victoria.

At age 28, Simon was promoted to an Assistant Principal role before going on to become the Principal at age 31. That’s even younger than Adam was when he made it to the Prin chair!  At the time of his appointment, Simon led the merger of the two local secondary schools to form a unified, thriving educational entity.

Across the last 9 years as Principal, Simon has worked hard to shape the culture of his school and to improve the outcomes of all kinds for all students. Simon brings a strong educational background, a clear understanding of the importance of positive school culture, a proven ability to develop effective teams and an outstanding ability to form positive relationships with teachers, families and young people.

As Associate Director, Simon also shares a deep commitment to working restoratively having led implementation and embedding of Restorative Practices in his own school.

Outside of the school environment, Simon is a father of four who loves sport and sees the importance of developing effective links within the local community.

This skill set combined with his friendly, outgoing personality will be an asset to Real Schools and every, single school that takes benefit from his approach to our Partnership model.

You can contact Simon directly at and find out about our explicit long-term School Partnership model by clicking on this link.


One day is all it takes to transform your instructional model, your relational focus and your classroom climate.  It’s really a no-brainer!



Teacher stress is caused by the absence of a plan for improvement in student behaviour. This day is about building that plan.