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Intentional Leadership for Assistant Principals

An innovative and transformative coaching program designed to help Assistant Principals lead and thrive rather than manage and survive.


The Need

Assistant Principals are often required to hold the entire school community together in a way that sustains cohesion, purpose and focus. They are the crucial link between hundreds of students, even more families, dozens of staff members, multiple classrooms, thousands of resources, millions of personal interactions and even one Principal.

So, how do you do all of this and do it well?

Intentional Leadership is a coaching program designed to help you decide in advance how you are going to lead, what you are going to focus on, and what you stand for. It’s about clarity. As an Assistant Principal, you are perfectly placed to lead the creation a great school community, but it won’t just happen by working hard or being a good person.

This 12 Month Coaching program will help you develop a powerful road map to become a successful leader. A leader who can effectively support their Principal, empower their teachers and inspire their students. Through Intentional Leadership, you can transform your good intentions into great results and lead with clarity and purpose.

It will be an opportunity for you to take the control back, and not only feel empowered, but know how to effectively empower your team. You will find new energy to do the work and create more time to spend on the tasks you value.

Program Structure

10 x Individual Online coaching sessions that unpack the key components of Intentional Leadership
Diagnostic Assessment of the capabilities related to Intentional Leadership
4 x Podcasts to deepen your knowledge and understanding of the key components of Intentional Leadership
4 x White Papers that will back up your learning from the online coaching sessions
Unlimited email contact so you can troubleshoot, clarify or seek support




Intentional Leadership

12 month commitment

+ GST per participant

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