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The Inner Circle

February 2024 enrolment now open

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A Real Schools high-level mentoring program for School Leaders on the quest to establish a truly restorative school.


The Gap

Many Australian schools have a restorative intention. Many have also failed to enact that intention. And some, in the middle, have been able to implement a few restorative principles well.

Perhaps they got some formal conferencing going or perhaps they found a slightly less punitive pathway to handle student misconduct – and perhaps some staff members didn’t.

But most never quite enjoyed the full benefit of establishing and sustaining a truly restorative culture.

This program is for School Leaders that have identified, in their schools, there is some distance between the ambition for a strong, relational, productive School Culture and their current reality.

This program is for School Leaders who, frankly, are impatient for genuine implementation and have a bias for impact.

This program closes the gap between aspiration and current practice in a way that focuses on both building leadership capacity and the provision of practical tools and strategies.

This program builds a bridge across that gap for your school, sound enough for your entire staff to cross with you.

This program places you in the Inner Circle with other leaders who are eager to share in and support your journey.

Are you ready to close the gap yet?

Program Structure

Two online Inner Circle group mentoring Zoom sessions per term.
One personal online productivity session per semester with Adam
10 x Inner Circle podcasts in the series “Leading a Restorative School”
4 x Inner Circle e-books in the series “The Restorative Leader”
Full connectivity and sharing of documentation with the other 11 members of your Inner Circle group.
Exclusive policy samples and templates.
Access to the Inner Circle online community.

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12 month commitment


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