Beginning Teacher Partnerships


Our Beginning Teacher Partnerships are where you will discover how to make teaching easier and improve your overall wellbeing. Within this partnership you will learn practical ways to transform your practice and discover new approaches to teaching and learning you can use instantly.


Your first few years of teaching can be quite overwhelming, there is so much to learn, do and know. To help with this, we have put all our Beginning Teacher resources here in our app. Easy to use, relevant content and multiple ways to learn, our app is your Beginning Teacher toolkit in one.

How can I access the app?

Our Beginning Teacher app is included in all Beginning Teacher Partnerships and is also available for individual and school use.

Why Join Beginning Teacher Partnerships?

Our Beginning Teacher Partnerships have been carefully designed to provide Beginning Teachers with the support needed to make teaching easier so they can thrive both in and out of the classroom.

Our Beginning Teacher Partnerships ensure Beginning Teachers have the opportunity to start their career with the support, guidance and advice needed to achieve and meet the demands of teaching. We ensure they know how to set up an environment where teaching and learning can thrive and where their own wellbeing and self-care is a priority. We work with Beginning Teachers to develop their confidence in teaching and learning, helping them to understand that this is at the centre of all they do, and giving them the tools needed to be successful in and out of the classroom.

Each uniquely designed partnership includes:

A bespoke and tailored approach for you school
Access to our Beginning Teacher App for the duration of your membership
High Quality professional Learning including Face-to-Face and online training
Coaching and Mentoring for Beginning Teachers
Practical strategies and tasks to implement instantly
Ongoing and unlimited email support
Beginning Teachers are supported using our exclusive Beginning Teacher Framework, which includes 5 key areas of focus essential to Beginning Teachers, where Teaching and Learning is woven through each one and at the centre of all they do.
Through our 5 key areas of focus, and a continual lens of teaching and learning linking everything together, our partnerships will see beginning teachers thrive both in and out of the classroom.

Partnership Options

Real Schools rejects the notion that ‘Drop & Run’ PD events can alone transform School Wellbeing. As such, we have three ongoing and supported options for schools who are looking to make supporting Beginning Teachers in their school a priority.


Impetus Partnership

12 month partnership designed to offer initial support and guidance to Beginning Teachers as they start their career and to support school leaders working closely with these Teachers.


Advanced Partnership

24 month partnership that is focused on supporting Beginning Teachers to enhance individual and collective practice alongside working with school leaders to give further guidance and assistance, ensuring increased success and confidence of Beginning Teachers.


Elite Partnership

36 month partnership that is committed to establishing a consistent and embedded approach to supporting Beginning Teachers by enhancing their overall capacity as educators, increasing confidence and skill, whilst also working alongside school leaders to offer additional support and upskilling these leaders as essential and crucial to the success of Beginning Teachers in your school.


Sign-up yourself, your school or an educator in your school for a Beginning Teacher Partnership.

Want to chat about a Beginning Teacher Partnership with our Associate Director of School Wellbeing, Amy Green?

Supporting Beginning Teacher Whitepaper

Beginning any new career is a big deal. When beginning a teaching career though, that sense of gravity is amplified by responsibility.

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