School Wellbeing Partnerships

Teacher Wellbeing Partnerships

We know Teacher Wellbeing, including teacher stress and feeling overworked, is an increasing concern for our teachers.

Our Teacher Wellbeing Partnerships have been carefully designed to address the growing needs surrounding Teacher Wellbeing and to ensure we equip teachers with the strategies needed to take individual responsibility to make long-lasting change.

Beginning Teacher Partnerships

Graduate Teachers require more support than is possible to provide when starting their first teaching role. Knowing this, we have created Beginning Teacher Partnerships.

Our Beginning Teacher Partnerships offer 12, 24 or 36 months of support and guidance for beginning teachers, helping them to understand the different components of teaching, whilst focusing on their own wellbeing and teaching and learning.

Cohesive Teams Partnerships

Trust, connection and communication are the foundations needed for cohesive and effective teams.

Our Cohesive Teams Partnerships enhance teams within your school through supporting them to work collaboratively towards a shared vision and goal and by developing the skills, knowledge and understanding needed to sustain positive and effective working relationships.

Your Expert Facilitator

Amy is a past teacher and school leader with an expertise and desire to impact change.

Amy knows first-hand the struggles and pressures teachers face, which is why Amy is now a voice for teachers, supporting and helping them to make teaching easier. Amy believes there is a strong link between Teacher Wellbeing and the individual and collective practice of our educators.