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Real Schools offers workshops for Teachers and School Leaders across Primary, Secondary and Special environments, facilitated by real educators, real school leaders and real teachers.

These interactive workshops will provide you with a better understanding and a roadmap to tackle the issues you are facing within your school.

Registrations are now open for our 2024 workshops – dates and locations below.

Upcoming Workshops

Restorative Classrooms,
Strong Classrooms

Facilitated by Adam Voigt, this full-day workshop will give teachers and school leaders a robust understanding of Restorative Practices and the practical tools to get started in embedding them in your school right away.


ADELAIDE  20 August 2024

BRISBANE  20 May 2024

CANBERRA  12 September 2024

HOBART 9 May 2024

MELBOURNE  14 May 2024

PERTH  17 July 2024

SYDNEY 27 June 2024

TOWNSVILLE  17 June 2024

New Zealand

AUCKLAND  15 August 2024

The Art of School Culture Leadership

If you’re a Principal, Assistant Principal or Senior Teacher, or you’re looking to take the next step into leadership in your school, these half-day workshops facilitated by Adam Voigt are for you.


ADELAIDE  21 August 2024

BRISBANE  21 May 2024

CANBERRA  13 September 2024

HOBART 10 May 2024

MELBOURNE  15 May 2024

PERTH  18 July 2024

SYDNEY 28 June 2024

TOWNSVILLE  18 June 2024

New Zealand

AUCKLAND  16 August 2024

Your Facilitator

About Adam Voigt

Adam Voigt is a Teacher, Principal and System Leaders with more than 27 years’ experience in practicing restoratively.  The education expert for several media sources and the CEO/Founder of Real School, Adam’s word on all matters school leadership and culture is trusted across Australia and internationally.

Adam Voigt sitting on staircase