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Remembered Fondly

I remember my Prep teacher, Mrs Wardle. I know that not everyone can remember their Prep teacher, but I can….

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Be Prepared!

I find there are two types of teachers, the over prepared and the underprepared. As a collective we really struggle…

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Eliminating Excuses

I watched Linda Cliatt-Wayman’s famed TED Talk How To Fix A Broken School, for the first time several years ago…

Revisiting Lockdown

With lockdown revisiting our colleagues in Victoria, it is a timely reminder we are all still living in a time…

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The Big Bad World

One justification I often hear for punitive or zero tolerance responses to behavioural challenges in schools is that it prepares…

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Teacher Fitness

The hardest workout has gotta be the first one. I’m not a particularly fit guy, but I’m currently in a…