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The impact of a Real Schools Partnership on the teachers and leaders in your school will be profound, and will leave them feeling more effective and less stressed.

What is a Real Schools partnership?

Essentially, we work hand-in-hand with your school across three years to implement Restorative Practices as the underpinning methodology of your School Culture.  Our approach to RP is an upgraded version of what you might be imagining and respects both the business and the busy-ness of the contemporary Australian school.  Focused on “low investment, high return” changes that trigger both quick wins and sustainable practice commitments, what we call ‘RP2.0’ is a revolution in teacher practice and cultural leadership.  This is no ‘program’ – it’s a commitment to your school’s preferred future.

Who will partner with us?

This is the truly unique component of a Real Schools Partnership.  A Real Schools Expert Facilitator will be appointed to your school for the entire three-year duration of your partnership.  And you can know that your Expert Facilitator has “been there and done that” because each is a former and successful Teacher and School Principal.  Your leadership team and teachers will have unlimited access to your Expert Facilitator because we want your partnership to work as much as you do.

What will we do?

Real Schools rejects the notion that a one-day PL Day can change your school’s culture.  So, do us a favour and don’t ask for that … we’ll say “No”!  What we will do for your school in each of the three years of partnership is provide a high-quality annual PL Day, follow up by working with teachers in your classrooms, mentor the leaders to build key implementation docs, coach teachers at all ends of the career spectrum, conduct parent engagement sessions, resource you with readings/videos/podcasts and measure partnership impact upon all school stakeholders.  This time, the changes are going to stick.

What difference will it make?

We have a bias for tangible and intangible transformation at Real Schools.  Anecdotally, the impact on the teachers and leaders in your school will be profound and will leave them feeling more effective and less stressed.  Of course, you shouldn’t take our word for that so watch the case study videos on this page.  That said, you can also see the measurable impact we have in our partner schools in the infographic below.

Let's chat...

I would love to have a chat with you about where your school is at. Talking about schools and how RP2.0 can be implemented is something I’m always happy to make time for. Please just reach out.

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Real Schools cultural survey

What is the Real Schools Cultural Survey?

The survey will take you approximately 15 minutes to complete. It consists of 60 questions (well, it’s 61 if you include the first request for your name and email address!) and you should answer with your first impressions in mind. That means, don’t overthink your answers.

Why should I take the Real Schools Cultural Survey?

Defining a School’s Culture can be tricky. This is the first tool of it’s kind in the world designed to provide you with a snapshot of your school’s default strengths and weaknesses – because, just like individuals, we all have them. You can use the survey results to inform your own practice, to prompt leadership/staff discussions, to impact strategic planning and to inform decisions about Professional Development for your school.

There’s also no obligation to Real Schools and absolutely no charge. This is a free service and it always will be.

What our happy surveyors say

Lorraine Evans
Rosebery Middle School

Thanks for the Real Schools Cultural Survey report – it is spot on in its analysis of where we are as a school and aligns beautifully with our Professional Learning focus for the rest of 2013. Great insight in some areas of risk we were not explicitly aware of ourselves. What a top product.

Renee Kennedy
Frankston Primary School

Real Schools brought a school-partnership collaborative approach in supporting our school to build and strengthen a positive, relational school culture. Real Schools facilitated collective learning and worked as a member of our leadership team in building a unified vision, supporting a whole school transformative approach in positive school culture and improved student outcomes. Real School’s approach brought energy to our improvement journey, transformed our school practice and remained adaptive to our own school’s individuality and personal needs.

Ready to take to the survey?

Your Expert Facilitators

Simon has spent over 20 years working in a wide variety of schools across Western Metropolitan Melbourne and the Geelong region, as well as some shorter stints in North Queensland and the Northern Territory.

More recently he spent 12 years at a secondary college in rural Victoria. In all of these schools, Simon has undertaken a number of different leadership positions.

Cassie has spent 29 years teaching and leading internationally and across the breadth of Australia’s schools.

A Principal of high acclaim, Cassie is a recognised leader within International Schools and the  International Baccalaureate Organisation, a skilled PYP unit developer, a transformer of teaching and learning, an expert in inquiry pedagogy and a fervent advocate for collaborative teams in schools.

Sheila has a deep belief that education can empower individuals to develop a love of lifelong learning which enriches the lives of students.

Her work has been recognised through a Primary Principals’ Association leadership fellowship, which included an overseas study tour, and the Sydney South Network award for cultural and pedagogical change.

Kirsty is a passionate educator who has spent almost twenty years in field, as a teacher, coach, school principal and university tutor.

Most recently she has worked to support leadership teams and teachers across 25 schools drive improvement while engaging in agile leadership and responsive implementation strategies.

Driven by a deep moral purpose and a belief that education is an absolute right for every single young person, Brenda is a committed educator who has served a variety of school communities across a career spanning almost 30 years.

Her deep commitment to equity and excellence has seen her lead schools across western Sydney, working with communities to create learning environments that place students at the centre of their educational journey

Candice has worked for more than 25 years as a teacher, principal, coach, consultant and university lecturer. She believes a positive school culture will impact student and staff achievements positively.

She considers a hands on approach to be vital and leads with a proactive, visible stance. Providing an environment where everyone belongs and is comfortable to take risks in teaching and learning is key to her success as a school leader.

Paul has been involved in education for over twenty-five years across a variety of primary schools and P-12 Colleges. Throughout this journey, he has held formal leadership positions across four schools, all with very different contexts.

His most recent appointment was as Principal at a large Catholic Primary School in inner-city Brisbane. Under Paul’s guidance, this school was known for their strong community, collaborative culture and ability to engage students in their learning.

For nearly two decades, as a teacher, mentor and principal Marion has led diverse teams across schools in Metropolitan Sydney. She understands and enjoys the complexity of working in organisations that prioritise people. Her guidance and mentorship has empowered colleagues to become lifelong learners and agents of change within their own classrooms and schools.

By prioritising and establishing relationships as the foundation of learning, Marion creates a culture where individuals feel valued, connected, and motivated to learn and collaborate. Her approach not only enhances academic achievement but also nurtures essential life skills, empathy, and a sense of social responsibility.

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