School Culture Partnerships

At Real Schools, we believe that genuine cultural shifts can be made in every school – but it takes a sharp focus.

A Real Schools Partnership is the platform for achieving this shift. Our unique and innovative partnership approach is built on the notion that one-day events in schools are insufficient when it comes to improving school culture. Schools in Partnership not only receive a high-quality PL experience, it’s backed up with a comprehensive and tailored plan for implementation. To effectively implement this plan, your school will be supported by a former School Principal across the entire journey, either 1, 2 or 3 years. We will walk beside your school community to face the challenges and enjoy the success together. We will help you build the School Culture you desire.

School Wellbeing Partnerships

Teachers and leaders everywhere are feeling the pressure of what is now an increasingly demanding career.

Schools, the curriculum and expectations of our teachers are changing, and it is not getting easier. School Wellbeing is becoming an increasingly important focus area for schools who wish to not only ensure the success of their students, but also their teachers.

Each School Wellbeing Partnership supports teachers, leaders and schools to improve and embed overall wellbeing.

Each bespoke partnership is uniquely and flexibly designed to meet the current needs of your school. Our Teacher Wellbeing Partnerships, Beginning Teacher Partnerships and Cohesive Teams Partnerships are designed to enhance Teacher Wellbeing whilst transforming teacher practice in a way that allows teachers, leaders and students to thrive.