Real Schools rejects the notion that your School Culture can be enhanced with a ‘Drop & Run’ style Professional Learning event.

Despite the ‘feelgood factor’ when a great presenter arrives, they usually take with them much of essential enthusiasm, expertise, mentoring, coaching and support for when barriers and difficulties in the changes occur… because they will!

We have decided that your school deserves better and we’re going to stick around while you get it. Real Schools builds Partnerships with schools just like yours. And instead of paying for an ‘event’ we heavily discount all of the necessary components to actually shift, change, sustain and enhance a productive culture based on outstanding Teacher Practice.

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The three steps to becoming a Real Schools School Culture partner…

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Choose your improvement theme

Real Schools believes that genuine cultural shifts can be made in any and every school – but it takes focus. We provide three themes that you can choose from to get started.
School Culture Leadership

Leadership focused Partnerships designed to transform the practice of the most influential people and teams in your school.

Behaviour Management

Developing a culture of productive, relational, effective and deprivatised practice across your school. We talk a great deal about getting on the same page about practice… it’s time we wrote it.

Restorative Practices

The single most powerful tool at your disposal to build better relationships and more connected school communities.


Choose your partnership

Real Schools rejects the notion that ‘Drop & Run’ PD events can alone transform your School Culture. As such, we have three ongoing and supported options for schools looking to make the changes stick this time.
Impetus Partnership

12 months connections designed to increase awareness of your Partnership Theme, School Culture and Strategic Intentions.

Advanced Partnerships

24 month associations that are determined to achieve measurable, high level contribution to your Partnership Theme, School Culture and Strategic Intentions.

Elite Partnerships

36 month commitments to embed outstanding Teacher and Leadership Practice as features of an enhanced School Culture through a flexible Partnership Theme.


Get to work… together!

Real Schools has pulled together the components of support that have the greatest impact in Australian school communities.

Highly engaging and transformational face-to-face Professional Learning experiences.

In-class Support for your Teachers & Students as they collectively implement the changes

Tailored Mentoring for your Leadership and/or Implementation Team across the Partnership.

Targeting Coaching Sessions for Teachers & Leaders as unique contextual barriers are identified.

Access to ongoing support through Membership articles on teacher Practice and also Cultural Leadership, plus free webinars and access to our archive of video Staff Meeting Conversation Starters.

Unlimited phone & email contact with your own Real Schools Consultant – who is also an experienced and proven School Leader.

Real Schools cultural survey

What is the Real Schools Cultural Survey?

The survey will take you approximately 15 minutes to complete. It consists of 60 questions (well, it’s 61 if you include the first request for your name and email address!) and you should answer with your first impressions in mind. That means, don’t overthink your answers.

Why should I take the Real Schools Cultural Survey?

Defining a School’s Culture can be tricky. This is the first tool of it’s kind in the world designed to provide you with a snapshot of your school’s default strengths and weaknesses – because, just like individuals, we all have them. You can use the survey results to inform your own practice, to prompt leadership/staff discussions, to impact strategic planning and to inform decisions about Professional Development for your school.

There’s also no obligation to Real Schools and absolutely no charge. This is a free service and it always will be.

what our happy surveyors say

Lorraine Evans
Rosebery Middle School

Thanks for the Real Schools Cultural Survey report – it is spot on in its analysis of where we are as a school and aligns beautifully with our Professional Learning focus for the rest of 2013. Great insight in some areas of risk we were not explicitly aware of ourselves. What a top product.

Renee Kennedy
Frankston Primary School

Real Schools brought a school-partnership collaborative approach in supporting our school to build and strengthen a positive, relational school culture. Real Schools facilitated collective learning and worked as a member of our leadership team in building a unified vision, supporting a whole school transformative approach in positive school culture and improved student outcomes. Real School’s approach brought energy to our improvement journey, transformed our school practice and remained adaptive to our own school’s individuality and personal needs.

Ready to take to the survey?


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Your Expert Facilitators

Simon has spent over 20 years working in a wide variety of schools across Western Metropolitan Melbourne and the Geelong region, as well as some shorter stints in North Queensland and the Northern Territory.

More recently he spent 12 years at a secondary college in rural Victoria. In all of these schools, Simon has undertaken a number of different leadership positions.

Cassie has spent 29 years teaching and leading internationally and across the breadth of Australia’s schools.

A Principal of high acclaim, Cassie is a recognised leader within International Schools and the  International Baccalaureate Organisation, a skilled PYP unit developer, a transformer of teaching and learning, an expert in inquiry pedagogy and a fervent advocate for collaborative teams in schools.

Sheila has a deep belief that education can empower individuals to develop a love of lifelong learning which enriches the lives of students, not just in the immediate future but for generations to come.

Her work has been recognised through a Primary Principals’ Association leadership fellowship, which included an overseas study tour, and the Sydney South Network award for cultural and pedagogical change.

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