Teachers make thousands of decisions every day. Many are easy, but others are complex and stressful. At times, there are…

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A significant number of teachers have reported to me lately that they’ve noticed a major spike in conflict between students,…

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Paid in Eyeballs

Many teachers have been speaking with me lately about how students have struggled to adapt to learning in the company…

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Systemic Enablers

Recently, the Real Schools team came together at Victoria’s gorgeous Phillip Island for a conference geared around how we can…

We see YOU. We thank YOU

What a start. What a terrible, frustrating, horrid start. Term 1 is done. Congratulations to every teacher, principal, support staff,…

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Escaping Quicksand

A couple of weeks ago, a Principal described working through Term One of 2022 as like being stuck in quicksand….

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That email

If you’re new-ish to receiving Home Truths every Friday, you’ll have noticed that we intentionally don’t advertise through this piece….

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You can’t make me

Many teachers have confided in me that, since students have returned to regular face-to-face learning in 2022, there’s been a…

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The Rule Of Six

A clever friend of mine, Darren Hill, explained the Rule Of Six to me once. Apparently radio stations use this…