Back Yourself

Have you ever had the feeling that this is where you were meant to be? Doing this thing, in this…

Beware of Your Bias

It’s that time of the year when we make big decisions in schools. Teachers get their allotments, senior students get…

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The Race

I find it curious that we so readily associate responsibility with time. It’s a simple equation – commit a serious…

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Dress like it matters

For states emerging from lockdown the distinct challenge of returning to full-time face-to-face learning is imminent. Part of that challenge…

It’s a Simple Equation

When I was at school, I always enjoyed Maths and Science. I liked finding the answers, hypothesising, experimenting and problem-solving….

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That message

This is that message. When I began sending out these weekly Home Truths, I made a promise to my subscribers…

Be A Mr. Jenson

The last two years have been tough. Tough for so many reasons, for so many people and in so many…

The Fine Line

It’s 9 am and the bell sounds to start another day. A steady flow of students enter your classroom, as…

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I get it.  There are times when we need to press the reset button and acknowledge that a particular lesson…

Infinite Gaming

I recently watched a YouTube talk by Simon Sinek, a world renowned motivational speaker and game theorist, and he said…