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3 things to keep in mind

Well done teacher, you made it! Term 4 is upon us which means the end is in sight, and what a year it has been.
Term 4 though always seems to come with its own agenda, own sense of urgency and own series of countdowns. We count down until reports are due, we countdown and tick off curriculum content and of course we count down the days until holidays start.

Unfortunately though, there is no advent calendar attached to these countdowns where you are greeted with a chocolate behind each tiny door. Instead it can be stressful, time consuming and just busy.

To manage Term 4, there are few strategies I suggest you try:

1. Connection Before Content

Remember, connection is imperative to the success of the content you teach. Connection means you know your students, and what they need to learn. Don’t fall into the trap of thinking ‘OMG I have so much to teach’ and rushing content. Your students show you what you need to teach, along with the Achievement Standards, but without connection, content doesn’t matter.

2. Simple Schedules

It might sound simple, but a schedule will really help with the giant Term 4 ‘to-do’ list. For example, schedule time so certain afternoons are for report writing, 2 mornings a week might be for marking and Friday lunch time you tidy your desk ready for Monday morning. Without scheduling tasks and time, time will get away on you, and we don’t want that.

3. Make time for Self-care

In the theme of scheduling, sometimes you have to schedule self-care, and Term 4 is one of those times. Don’t wait until holidays to look after yourself. Your body and mind need constant recharging, and when life gets busy we tend to neglect this, which is why I recommend scheduling in some self-care every day.

You have made it this far, in a crazy, chaotic, unpredictable year, you can definitely make it through Term 4. Hopefully these few tips will make it a little bit easier.

Look forward to seeing you there,