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7 Seconds or a Proven Performer

We’re abolishing “Drop and Run” Professional Learning

The research tells us that in any presentation of around 90 minutes that passive participants commit around 7 seconds of content to long term memory.  That equates to around 0.13% of what’s being delivered actually being remembered long enough to impact practice.  That’s not much “bang for your buck” is it?  This is why two key factors are at the heart of every Real Schools workshop and partnership:


Why IMPACT matters …
IMPACT is about extending that 7 seconds … by packing a punch!  At Real Schools we do this through 5 non-content based learning intentions for all participants in our Partner Schools and in our workshops – we always Inspire, Challenge, Provoke, Strengthen & Connect.

Here’s the IMPACT we had on teachers who attended our “Really Understanding Student Behaviour” workshop recently:

“I thought today was fantastic.  It highlighted the needs I have and I now want to change my teaching practice.”

“I found this PD really valuable.  My only problem is I will be thinking all weekend about work now.”

“I think what you showed us was really relevant.  Would love you to come out and work with our whole staff.”

Why build a PARTNERSHIP?

As a Principal, I began to tire of the model used by the PD providers available to me.  They came, they gave a spiel, they were often really interesting … and then they left.  My staff was left to implement on their own, coach each other on their own, overcome barriers on their own and to apply the materials to their you unique context … on their own.

Our Real Schools PARTNERSHIPS are designed to meet your school’s current practice and cultural needs.  But further, they are designed to stick.  Our inspiring face-to-face Professional Learning opportunities are ALWAYS complemented by any combination of In-Class Modelling (yes – while your toughest students are there), Leadership Mentoring, Strategic Planning, Targeted Coaching, Student Training, Parent Collaboration and Focused Resource Selection.

As we always say at Real Schools, “the real gift is in the dialogue”. So we build opportunity after opportunity to position ongoing conversation as the driver of your improvement agenda.  This time … we do it together!

What’s been happening?

In just the last few weeks:

* We ran the Dynamic Teacher Seminar Series in Darwin – eight high-impact half-day seminars on Teacher Practice.

* We kicked off a partnership with St.Joseph’s PS near Port Macquarie (80 parents at the Restorative Parenting session – wow!)

* We supported Angurugu School on Groote Eylandt of the coast of Arnhem Land (proof that we partner with schools EVERYWHERE)

* We held a great session in Melbourne on “Really Understanding Human Behaviour” at our awesome Hub School – Skye Primary School.

Makes me tired just reading all of that that!

What’s next?

* Individual Behaviour Plans … That Work! Click here to register for this 2-hour Workshop that will transform the results you achieve with your most challenging students. September 17th.

* School Leaders’ Boot Camp.  Click here for a 1-day experience that will completely flip the way you view your school, the way you lead and the outcomes you achieve in your contemporary school.  October 11th.

* Restorative Practices Teacher Training. Click here for all the details on this game-changing 2-day experience for teachers in your school.  October 25th-26th.

* Bullying – Beyond The Buzzword,Succeeding With Your MOST Difficult Students and Leading Whole School Behaviour Improvement are all coming in November through our partners at Critical Agendas.

Is yours our next Hub School?

* Is yours a highly connected school in a Metropolitan City or Regional Centre?

* Would you like to host the best Professional Learning opportunities in your location?

* Would you like to save THOUSANDS of dollars in PD funding and also address staff turnoverby accessing your school to FREE cutting edge training for Teachers AND School Leaders?

Then you should probably get in touch – we need to talk!  Just reply to this email to get the ball rolling … before another nearby school grabs the chance!

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