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A chance to stop and think?

One thing that we know about human behaviour is that it doesn’t change randomly.  Prior to any change is either a positive or a negative experience that prompts thought – usually aligned to also be positive or negative.  We’re offering you a chance for the right kind of thought … leading to the right kind of change.

Restorative Practices Teacher Training – TUESDAY 2ND JUNE 2015 REGISTRATIONS CLOSING THIS FRIDAY!!!

We’re delighted to have so many Teachers already taking the opportunity at a thinking circuit breaker through Restorative Practices.  With a recent studies all over the world demonstrating undeniable links between RP implementation and:

  • Better Teacher-Student relationships.
  • Improved classroom climate through reduced student behaviour problems.
  • Reduced suspensions and Teacher stress levels.
  • Dramatically improved engagement and student Learning.

If your school hasn’t grabbed this opportunity for your Teachers, just click here or email a Rego Form.  Places are seriously limited – so hop to it!

School Leaders’ Boot Camp –


With so much of today’s Leadership development centred on WHAT you need to do to make a school successful it’s almost impossible to focus on HOW you get it done.  This is simply a high-impact opportunity to do that through examination of:

  • The critical role of school culture as a success indicator.
  • Leadership character and contemporary leadership behaviours.
  • The models for achieving Leadership focus that don’t rob you of more precious time.
  • How to use the AITSL Principal Standards to drive cultural change and development.

If you haven’t yet seized this rare opportunity to give your Leadership fitness a real workout (no runners required!), just click here or email a Rego Form.