Restorative Classrooms, Strong Classrooms


This online workshop is targeted towards Teachers and School Leaders across Primary, Secondary and Special environments.



Monday 5 july 2021

9.30am – 4pm

Restorative Practices, done right, has proven to be the key to improving Student-Teacher relationships, driving up engagement, building a respectful culture and enhancing teacher effectiveness. And here’s the kicker – it’s fantastic for reducing Teacher Stress too.

Your Facilitator

Adam Voigt is a proven successful Teacher & Principal in some of Australia’s toughest locations.

He has led Behaviour & Wellbeing across whole schools systems and has implemented change in schools as a Leader & a Professional Learning Consultant. Adam appears regularly in Australian media as an educational expert and is a voice for schools, parents and students when he does so.

This workshop is designed to provide Teachers and School Leaders with a powerful understanding of Restorative Practices in order to:
  • Generate long-term improvements in student behaviour… beyond the quick fix
  • Learn how to construct truly Restorative conversations and circles
  • Use the Restorative Questions with skill, confidence and poise
  • Dispel the myths of Restorative Practices being too soft and too time intensive
  • Connect practice inextricably to School and Personal Values
  • Achieve a critical understanding of human emotion including the influence of Shame on student behaviour
  • Confidently use Restorative Practices across the continuum from informal applications
  • Reflect on personal Teaching Practice using the Operation Domains (Social Discipline Window)
  • Embed Restorative Practices as the fundamental platform for effective Teaching