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A fork in your road

The truly frustrating part about forks in roads is not the fork.  We’re generally quite pleased by choice when presented with it and I usually have no problem deciding between two simple options.  In my house this summer, my son and I have a clear preference for cricket on the tv while my wife and daughter have discovered cooking shows.  (Yes, it would appear there are some stereotypes at play in my house!).  I think the choice is a no-brainer.

The difficulty about choices characterized by a fork in the road is the inability to tell what we’re choosing between.  One option could lead to a wonderful destination but the other could be a path to doom.  Or I suppose we could stand still too.

This time of year presents a fork in the road for our School Leaders and Teachers too.  You could:

  • Stand still fork pondering.
  • Take the path most travelled.
  • Choose your own path.

If you are the type of optimistic, plain speaking leader who would like to make more simple the task of building a thriving and successful school, then we have an opportunity next week to take the first steps.  Read below and get ready to make 2016 the year that things change in your school … for good.

A School Culture Conference like no other “The Formula for a High-Performing School Culture”

Thursday January 21st 2016

  • A day of game-changing work on Staff Wellbeing with renowned and personally successful School Principal, Ryan Martin.  Titled “Getting Real About Staff Wellbeing” Ryan will show you how performance and achievement underpin wellbeing far better than yoga lessons and “work/life balance” ever can.

Friday January 22nd 2016

  • Leading Whole School Behaviour improvement is the biggest exercise in obstacle removal you can tackle.  This is still what’s in the way of higher student cohort performance and is also what’s deflating staff effectiveness most rapidly.  Your schools will have a plan for this after a full day with Adam Voigt working on your school.

What do you do?
Register immediately here to attend in St.Kilda Melbourne for both or either Conference days.
Check out the Conference Webpage .
Email info@realschools requesting the Conference Prospectus and Registration Details.