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A leap of faith.

I really enjoyed this typically dramatic David Attenborough clip of what happens to a Barnacle Goose chick in its formative days.

It’s actually quite the decent metaphor for what educators are going through at the moment.

Click here to check out the “leap of faith” that this Barnacle Goose makes. 

You’ve all leapt into terrifying uncertainty.

Had moments when you thought you had it all sorted.

Then slammed into some rocks.

Then you readjusted … because what choice did you have?

And now, the landing is imminent.

Like the Barnacle Goose chick, you know there will be parents waiting for you.  Oh, there will be parents.

Just not yours!

But those parents too will be so pleased to see that you’re intact and ok, that you’ve survived the fall.

Take a little time this weekend, as we adjust again to each state’s plans for students to return in some way, to look after yourself.  

Land well.  It needn’t be graceful or perfect.  You might even be a bit disheveled after it.  That’s fine.  I look like a goose all the time and survive it.

Be a goose.