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A new frontier in Teacher Education

We’re so excited to introduce you to Amy Green who is commencing just next week with us in a newly created role – Associate Director (Teacher Education).

We could spend an inordinate amount of time writing in this newsletter our carefully crafted vision for supporting teachers as they commence their careers in an equally rewarding and challenging profession … but perhaps just watching the below chat between Amy and I would do that better.

Click here to watch the video, including the odd section where my eyes are open too!

Amy’s mission is to establish the Real Schools Academy, which will have three faculties of highly connective online courses for Australia’s teachers.  Those faculties are:

  • Graduate Faculty (six courses specifically for Teachers in their first year of teaching)
  • Consolidation Faculty (six courses for Teachers in career years 2-5 and are looking to build a sustainable skill set for the classroom)
  • Leadership Academy (six courses for Teachers beyond 5 years of experience who are keen to explore their School Leadership potential)

We’ll be bringing you so much more information about the Real Schools Academy in coming months, but know this for now – all courses will be available to Teachers in your school in Term 2 of 2020. 

We’ll keep you posted.