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A simpler approach

It always amazes me how early in the school year that schools commence to plan for the following year.  I’ve spoken to several School Leaders lately who have fervently begun their 2019 strategic preparations.

It really is a credit to their dedication and commitment to not only the students they teach now, but also the students they’ll teach in the future.

But wow – hasn’t the sheer volume of documentation involved, in both the necessary and the mandated strategic plans of the contemporary school, exploded in recent years?

It’s almost as though we’ve weighed our priorities equal for some reason and decided that even the most miniscule elements of school leadership and management require their own strategic process.  It makes it tough to identify the priorities and whether they actually fit within our purpose.

I was recently interviewed by measurement expert Stacey Barr.  Stacey is not only a friend and colleague.  I also consider her to be Australia’s leading authority on measuring effectiveness, establishing priority and making strategy relevant.

Before you spend the inordinate amount of time that all schools spend developing strategic plans and performance measures, I want to recommend to you that you invest just a little time watching the video and pondering Stacey’s PuMP approach.

I’ll end this newsletter here, as I don’t want to consume any more of your time distracting you from Stacey’s groundbreaking work.

This one might just change the strategy game for your school.  Enjoy!


FREE WEBINAR – “Formal Restorative Conferencing”


Have you ever had something serious happen in your school? I mean … something really serious?In these moments of critical incidents where harm to the physical, emotional, social and mental realms of your people’s lives is at its most severe, it’s very hard to know what to do.

School Leaders and Teachers feel immense pressure in these circumstances to please everybody and often to take actions that they know are counter-productive, unhelpful or even outside of policy.

But there’s a better way. Many educators are benefiting from the clean, simple pathway that Restorative Conferencing can provide when truly damaging events occur.

Done right, with precision and confidence, Restorative Conferences are seen as positive, pivotal moments for all of victims, perpetrators and their supporters.

This webinar will unpack the Restorative Conferencing roadmap, consisting of 16 critical steps that will underpin the likelihood of a successful experience for all … including you!

This webinar is a completely FREE opportunity for community minded Teacher or School Leader who knows that there simply must be a better way when it comes to conflict, relationships and making amends.