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Acorns to mighty oaks.

Teaching is hard work … so it should be.  Anything worthwhile is always taxing and a struggle from time to time.   So perhaps we should occasionally embrace the weariness, busy-ness and constant strain that comes with important work a little more than we merely bemoan it.  Perhaps?

But I think one of the greatest contributors to these somewhat negative and draining feelings is the lack of knowledge about the true impact of our work.  After all, most of us aren’t in education for the test scores, for the uni acceptances or for plotting children “above benchmark”.

As one learned colleague pointed out to me once – “great teaching is like planting acorns for trees that you’ll never sit in the shade of”.  That really is a cruel profession – one that demands so much yet rarely allows a glimpse of the impact of that work.  It’s a special caper alright.

What can we do to better see and celebrate the work of our young people after they depart from our direct influence?
How do your staff share stories of students who they see in successful pursuits as adults?
 How do we welcome back and celebrate the alumni of our schools?
How do we maintain contact with them via social media?
How can we allow our teachers a peek into the true impact of their work?

These are questions that schools playing the longer, bigger game are asking themselves – and it really isn’t about our students this time.  It’s about us!  This is about providing motivation for teachers to keep doing what really is the world’s most important job.  It’s about whether we have the energy to keep planting acorns and to toiling without shade.  That makes these mechanisms worthwhile.

This is also why we really want you to consider joining us for a FREE Webinar on Thursday afternoon.  See below and give some thought to getting involved.  This is how we ensure strong oak trees for the future.

Special Guests at our next FREE Webinar

We’re delighted to have Sacha Kaluri and Sonya Karras of the Australian Teen Expo are joining us for a critically important webinar on “Safe Teen Pathways”.
We know that Secondary, Middle School and Upper Primary Teachers are concerned about the pathways our teens are on and the obstacles they’ll need to navigate now and in coming years.

Sonya and Sacha are the subject matter experts in how Teachers can play their role in pointing young people in the right direction.

Register by clicking here  for “Safe Teen Pathways” on Thursday 8th September at 3.30pm (AEST).