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An opportunity to get started or to catch up.

Wowee!  Term 3 has been flat out for us at Real Schools delivering enormous value to our Partner Schools – and we know it’s been a busy time at your school too.

For us, that has left very little time and focus for things like running some public events.  You see, we sometimes forget that teachers actually move schools, that enrolments fluctuate and even that schools thinking about Partnership might like a little taster before they commit.

Fair enough!  So we’re bringing our groundbreaking Restorative Practices methodology to both ends of the country.

For more info about how this approach RP can transform your practice and your school, just head to our dedicated event webpage, where:
  • tech-heads can register online as they like to do.
  • the more traditional types among you can grab a flyer and rego form to return by email.
There are limited spaces at each event so that this will be far more a contextualized workshop than a presentation. Come ready to learn – but also to be challenged and perhaps even transformed!