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And then how do we change that viewpoint?

It’s not easy to do – choosing to look at 2016 through the lens of the problems that were 2015.  But that’s exactly what we asked many of our Partner and Member Schools to do.  They told us about three key and persistent worries:

  1. Staff Wellbeing concerns – exactly how we manage and juggle issues of workload, focus, responsibility, celebration and support.
  2. Student Behaviour – proven as the highest contributor to teacher stress and the largest distraction from strategic improvement.
  3. Having the time to learn and plan for these during the busy school year.

It was really a no-brainer to change that lens by building our 2016 School Culture Conference at St.Kilda Rydges in Melbourne on January 21 and 22.  Yes, in just a couple of weeks!

Click the pic above to watch the video unpacking the value of this ground-breaking event for all School Leaders.

Day 1 Getting Real About Staff Wellbeing Facilitator – Ryan Martin
Day 2 Leading Whole School Behaviour Improvement Facilitator – Adam Voigt


How to get involved and to set about making 2016 better than you could have imagined:

  1. Register immediately online by clicking here.
  2. Head to our dedicated Conference Webpage where you can download a Conference Prospectus.
  3. Email for your Registration Pack.

There’s onsite parking available and discounted accommodation for our interstate friends.  We’re looking forward to seeing you there!