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Another semester down. What happens now?

Another term, another semester, you made it.

What happens now?

Rest. Relax. Stop.

You need it. You deserve it.

Time away from school, as great as it is for us to switch off, let go and sleep in each day, can also be a time to start to work on a few other things which impact our wellbeing just as much.

Don’t underestimate the benefit of setting some tasks to do in the holidays, because sometimes working on your wellbeing means doing the hard work.

Holidays– Time to Work on your Wellbeing

1. Get through the to-do list

Working on your to-do list can be an easy task to put off, only to realise it is Friday before school returns and you still haven’t done anything. Start this early, tick it all off, then use the rest of the time to complete tasks you know you are going to have to do when school returns. By doing this now you will free up more time once school goes back. You could attend to getting ahead with planning homework, finding some resources for upcoming lessons, or building a bank of fast finisher activities for those students who you know need an extra challenge.

2. Start a new habit

Often our wellbeing requires building new habits. This can be hard to start, and maintain, especially once school begins again, so start now. Use holidays to start and build  your new habit, build a system around it and get used to it so once you are back at school it continues to happen easily.

3. Plan for self-care

One of the reasons self-care doesn’t help with long term wellbeing is that we often do it ad-hoc and when we are feeling like it is all too much. Planned, ritualised self-care can improve not only how we feel each day but also how we manage stressful and busy times throughout the term. This is the difference between reactive and embedded self-care. Plan your self-care strategies into your day and week so you are continuously looking after yourself and don’t rely on waiting until you are completely depleted to give yourself the time you deserve.

FYI – Holidays are also a time for rest, connecting and taking some time out. Please do this also.

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