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Apparently … it isn’t ok!

Last week, we presented some statistics about how thinly spread our current School Leaders are in terms of time.  For instance, we asked if it’s ok with you that (behind recording, reports and budgets) the next most common use of Principal time was transitioning between other activities!

Judging by the number of folk who replied requesting a copy of our White Paper “Solving the problem of the over-worked, over-accountable and highly distractible School Leader” – it isn’t!

A solutions focus

With all of the problems in the backs of our minds, we’re still determined to maintain a solutions focus at Real Schools.

And this isn’t an approach that we’ve fabricated on a whim.  This new, ground-breaking framework is the result of input from School Leaders across Australia and also the piloting of a new approach to Professional Learning.

We trialled the content behind each of the labels in this Framework at a recent workshop conducted for School Leaders through the Centre For Strategic Education in Melbourne.  Participants were asked on a scale of 1 (Poor) to 5 (Excellent) what the value of the day was …

100% of Participants rated the Overal Format Of The Workshop as a 5.

92% of Participants rated the Content Relevance as a 5.

100% of Participants rated the Quality Of The Workshop as a 5.

We’re starting to think that we might be onto something!

Just for a moment, consider where your school, your leadership and your work focusenter the Framework.

We’d love to know what you think …

Taking decisive action

If you are a little tired of the juggling act that has become core business for School Leaders, there are some simple steps you can take.  But hey, it’s up to you …

1) Visit our dedicated webpage for our new Executive Coaching Framework by clicking here.

2) Watch the Introductory Video to the Executive Coaching Framework by clicking here.

From there, just drop us a line or call Vanessa in our office on 1300 789 422 if you would like a CONVERSATION that gets the ball rolling for you.Now there’s a novel idea!

Thanks to a valued Partner …

We’d like to thank Gail Smith, Principal of Rosebery Primary School in Darwin, who this week provided us with a new Testimonial about her perception of the impact on her school.  Gail writes …

“The impact of our Real Schools Partnership on staff at Rosebery Primary School has been immense.  I notice staff showing a great deal of empathy, being alongside the child and working through the issues, being in contact with parents/carers regularly, checking in with students on a daily basis, running regular check in and check out circles as well as restorative circles but most of all everyone having a consistent fair but firm approach to issues that arise.  We tried getting Adam to come and do ‘thoroughbred and a newbys’ half day sessions coupled with Monthly Restorative Mentoring sessions, then we tried the once a year approach where we sent along new staff to be brought up to speed with Restorative Practices but neither of these models worked.  With the enormous change of staff we never really got back to refreshing the notion of RP with everyone so we decided to become a Real Schools Partner and jump in feet and all and get involved with a 3-year Partnership.  This has been great and has kick started the talk, momentum, actions and ways of working.  We have to keep ‘stoking the fire’ to keep the burning desire for RP firmly on our agenda and this Partnership allows us to do that with gentle reminders along the way.”

Thanks Gail!