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Are we insuring our kids against their dreams being destroyed?

Yes – this is a tacky advertisement for insurance.  Well, this is at least an endorsement for considering the strength and resilience of the young people we are building.  This concept of preparing or insuring our young people against their dreams being disrupted or destroyed by others came to me in watching a very interesting ad.  You can click the picture above to watch it on YouTube.  As these things do, it’s gone ‘viral’ with more than 5 million views now.

It’s about a young boy who wants to be a Flamenco Dancer, but his father senses the shame and embarrassment he’s feeling about it.  Yet, rather than push or drag him either towards or away from this dream, he instead puts his effort into insuring him or strengthening him to walk proudly towards it himself. He removes the short-term obstacles for the long-term vision to have a chance.

It got me to thinking a little about our schools and also our Real School Partnerships.  My determination that we never “drop and run” our services on schools in one-off workshops or presentations is always about providing that insurance policy.  By strengthening your school’s culture, our ambition is that you’ll choose your own path, goal or dream and walk proudly towards it … in a pink shirt and dance shoes!

It takes bravery to do what really matters in our schools.  After all, you are so increasingly under pressure to do so much that you know really doesn’t matter.  We’re very proud of our Partner Schools and the bravery they demonstrate by embarking upon a Partnership.  It demonstrates a commitment to playing the long game and to walking proudly towards your dream.

Good on you!

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