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Are you getting what you’re paying for?

When you book a trainer to run a PL Day, the impact drops away remarkably as soon as 48 hours after the event.  In fact, the feedback most people provide from a PL Day connects to the temperature of the room and the food provided – not quite “return on investment”.  That’s why Real Schools does it differently.

Here’s what Principal Janet Barnard of Swan Hill PS say of the impact of her 3-year Real Schools Partnership.
“We needed to train staff in Restorative Practices beyond merely the script.  Talking with Adam reaffirmed that a partnership with Real Schools would have impact across the whole school as well as in the home.  The partnership allowed us to see real change over time and to tweak our practices.  We had a critical friend who could advise us help out when we got off track. Adam was a great resource for not only young staff but experienced as well.  We have seen a major drop in behaviour incidents, as staff are now confident to deal with the issues that arise. Our staff now primes students about the expectations for learning and for positive outside behaviours.  They work ‘with’ students for better outcomes for all.”

The above is what Janet and her team have been accessing for 3 years now.  This is what it takes.  The question we have for is simply “Is your school ready to do what it takes?”


Free WEBINAR – The Stress Free School

Teacher performance is at the core of every school’s and  system’s improvement agenda. And when we look at alarming  statistics telling us that 30-50% of our teachers are leaving the  profession within 5 years of commencing their careers – it’s clearly  time that we looked at why?

This honest and practical webinar is designed for School/System  Leaders and Teachers to get a handle on the three things that are  most significantly stressing our teachers:
  1. Student Behaviour
  2. Workload
  3. Issues with Parents

But more important than just knowing these issues (after all – you can know them just by reading this summary!) this webinar is all about ROI – Return On Investment. We want you to have at your disposable the simple and practical tactics you can deploy in each of these spaces that provide the best “bang for your buck” in terms of time, effort and resource.

This webinar is about School Culture – and creating one in 2017 that gives your staff, your students, your community and your programs the chance to flourish.

The Stress Free School is NOT a whimsical and idealistic pipedream. The investment of one hour of your time this January is all you need do to make inroads on this appealing reality. As Gough Whitlam said “It’s time”.

This Real Schools Webinar is aimed at School Leaders, Administrators and Teachers of all phases of learning.