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Are you planning for a better 2016 or a different one?

In education, we’re perhaps better at buzzwords than any other industry.  One that has been enjoying significant limelight in the last few years is ‘disruption’.  Clayton Christensen’s groundbreaking book “Disrupting Class” and then Michael Horn’s “Blended” are two must-reads for any School Leader or Teacher looking to explore flipped learning or the concept of incorporating ICT in a way that actually transforms our instructional model.

That said, when we limit the concept of disruption to technology we miss the point.  Disruptive Innovation is not specific to ICT, it’s just that the use of this thinking applied to ICT is such a no-brainer.  At the nub of thinking disruptively is the concept of doing things DIFFERENTLY – as opposed to the endless, exhausting, ritualistic endeavour of looking to do things BETTER.

Imagine coaching Rembrandt and demanding that he just be a better painter or even pleading with pop artist and stadium concert specialist P!nk to just put on a better show.  We’re unlikely to engender much interest from them and possibly just #$%@ them off in the process.

But ask innovative people if they’d like to do somethingdifferent … and their ears prick up.  Personal and collective motivation will be essential to any 2016 change or improvement agenda and it starts with your intentions as a leader and the planning you are doing around this right now.  Will you fly solo in the pursuit of better – or fly differently as a flock?  The choice is yours.

There’s something in this particular buzzword, if we’re prepared to dig deep enough.

FREE Webinar – Leading Whole School Behaviour Improvement

This opportunity is going a little OTT on us!  Perhaps it’s because of what you’ll get for absolutely nothing through only a one-hour investment of your time (and not your budget!).  Here’s what we’ve got for you on Thursday 17thSeptember at 3.30pm (AEST):

Exactly how you can:

  • view your whole school in terms of student behaviour.
  • establish a clear and consistent philosophy for student engagement, wellbeing and performance.
  • determine consistent ways to gain traction with your most challenging and influential 3-5% of students.
  • address emerging themes and trends like cyber-bullying, angry boys, on-task avoidance and bitchy girls.
  •  commence the development of simple Classroom Management Plans that your Teachers will actually enjoy writing.

Register by clicking here but only if better behaviour in your school might just lead to better teaching and learning.  Again – the choice is yours!