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Back Yourself

Have you ever had the feeling that this is where you were meant to be? Doing this thing, in this time and this place with these people? I am calling it a Roy Kent moment and I recently had mine.

One of my Partner Principals recently suggested that Ted Lasso might be a show that I would enjoy watching…for a couple of reasons. Being a lifelong learner with no plans for the weekend, I did just that. Binged the whole damn thing. Loved it. Every minute of it. It is equal parts laugh out loud, touching, heart-warming and wholesome – with plenty of expletives thrown in. My kinda binge watch.

What struck me though as a big moment was when one of the key characters, Roy Kent, had an awakening of sorts. A moment of clarity and realisation that drove his life forward in a way that he was resistant to initially. He didn’t think it was what he was meant to be doing, didn’t think he could and then BAM realisation. Again, not going to spoil it but I realised that I had had my Roy Kent moment just a few days earlier.

Presenting to groups of Leaders and experienced educators can be a daunting task and yet I love it. I love listening to teachers, to their ideas, their triumphs, and challenges. I enjoy being able to share strategies and ideas that might make it all a little easier for them and  help them to build solid relationships. I was talking through with Simon and Adam a difficult challenge I was facing and, as we sat zooming, it hit me. I wasn’t sure I could do it, or that I should and BAM, realisation. This is what I am meant to be doing. This time, this place, these people.

I know that I had it over the years as well. A specific Year 3 class, troubled, challenging, amazing young people. That time, that place, those people. My principal position. That place. That time, those people.

When you discover that this is it, this is what you love, the feeling washes over you and calms you and lets you know you are exactly where you need to be. When things get hard, as they inevitably do, remember that feeling, the certainty that you are good at this, you love this, this is where you are meant to be.  Back yourself!

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