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Be A Mr. Jenson

The last two years have been tough. Tough for so many reasons, for so many people and in so many ways. People have been doing the very best that they can do to get through and it hasn’t always been smooth sailing.

We all need some of the soft touch love right now. We are all coming to terms with the changes in our lives and worlds and now, for many of our kids, they are being thrust – along with teachers – into an unknown, for some uncomfortable situation.

So today, this week and next, when behaviours start to pop up and you start to feel your body temperature rise, just breathe and be a Mr. Jenson. Your students need you now more than ever. What you are doing is incredibly important and you can change a life through kindness, belief, encouragement – literally through the little things, little interactions that happen in your everyday.

Thank you for all that you do, thank you.

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