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Be People

I went to a wedding on Sunday and I think it was the best wedding I’ve ever attended.

What made it so awesome was that it broke the usual conventions in preference for revealing the personalities of the two people getting married.

Instead of cramming these two square pegs into the round holes of the usual ceremony and celebrations, they chose to have the event match their personalities.  It was so much better and was highlighted by their little boy arriving with the rings in the full kit of the video game ‘Halo’ to the most thunderous theme music imaginable.

The vows were hilarious, revealing the history of their relationship and their off-beat hopes for the days to come.  And the reception was relaxed with picnic tables, couches and cushions adoring a lawn, rather than guests being chained to a singular table.

It actually got me to thinking about the mission statements, policies, webpages, procedures, programs, newsletters, class letters and strategic plans that we write in schools.

How did they get so sanitised, beige and corporately safe?  How did they end up so long and yet so revealing of almost nothing of our school’s personalities?

Sure, there are answers to this with stern adjectives peppered around the word bureaucracy, but I still think your school is well-placed to flip this.

Why not discard unhelpful and restrictive orthodoxies and reveal your school’s personality?  Unveil the unique quirks and personalities of your people.  Maybe you could even reveal the embarrassing flaws of your history and your wild hopes for the future.

After all, people are attracted to personalities.  Amy and Simon haven’t married each other after a serious assessment of each other’s resumes.  They married for connection, emotion and trust.  They’re connecting for the people stuff.

In your outward communications, be people ok.  Flawed, quirky, hopeful people.

Keep fighting that good fight,

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PPS.  Let’s all wish Amy and Simon a flawed and extraordinary future!

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