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Leading Your School Out of the Consequences Wilderness

Next week, we’re running our regular FREE monthly webinar and this time, it’s dedicated to a topic that many School Leaders tell me they are grappling with – exactly what’s required to move an entire staff, and indeed a School Community, away from the old, destructive punitive model and towards a more relational, respectful and productive model for student discipline and wellbeing.

It’s titled aptly “Beyond Punishment – Leading Your School Out of the Consequences Wilderness”.  It’ll be on Thursday 17th March at 3.30pm AEDT.

What can you expect from registering … I hear you ask?!  Well, it’s pretty straight forward:

  • How to generate a reflective culture based on best teacher practice.
  • How to define the model and mindset shift required to move on from punitive systems.
  • The best strategies for motivating staff to change their practice and their defaults when under pressure.
  • The replacement strategies for punitive systems that will still allow your staff to feel supported.
  • How we change minds and not just our behaviours.
  • How we connect practice shifts directly to improved student learning.

And we’ll do that in one hour of your time!  It’s a no-brainer really – so you really should get a wriggle on and REGISTER HERE before all the places are filled.

This week, I had a wonderful (and slightly nerve wracking!) opportunity to unpack on national television my theory for what REALLY needs to be done to counter bullying in Australian schools.

One questions I explored is “Of the thousands of anti-bullying programs developed globally, why haven’t we found one that works yet?”.  It’s a valid question and leads us to wonder whether bullying isn’t in fact a simple behavioural problem, but a cultural problem.  Of course, that means it requires a cultural solution!

Click here or in the pic above to check out the 5-minute interview on Channel 10’s “Studio 10”.