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Brave enough to be unsustainable?

One of the great buzzwords surrounding schools in recent times is sustainability.  It seems that all decisions, programs and approaches must be underpinned or at least tarnished by the great sustainability brush.  While it seems a reasonable, or indeed noble, aim that sustainable approaches be chosen for our schools, I always wondered if there are other qualities in our decision making that should be prized ahead of the mere longevity associated with sustainability.  How about innovation, impact, inspiration and even resilience?

I read a quote by Jamais Cascio about resilience recently that resonated strongly with me.  He said:
“Resilience is all about being able to overcome the unexpected.  Sustainability is about survival.  The goal of resilience is to thrive.”

When we weigh this definition of resilience against the collective industry definition of sustainability … I think I know which I prefer.

And this is why resilience needs to be at the forefront of the work we do, not only with our students, but across our leadership teams, our staffs and our entire school communities.  Sustainability lends itself to safety and the elimination of imagination and risk.  Resilience means that we are ready for the rough and tumble of working at the edges of invention and design.

Let’s get resilient – even if it brings an obstacle closer into view.

Can your Team handle the Pressure?

Interested in getting started with the resilience journey?  Well, we’re running a FREE webinar on Thursday afternoon (yep – this week on 16th July) titled “Pressure Proof Teaching Teams” with renowned resilience expert Michael Licenblat as our guest presenter.


Running from 3.30pm (AEST) this is a “don’t miss” opportunity to begin making resilience a building block of the future of your school.  Sound exciting?  Well, if you are a current or aspiring School Leader with an interest in successful schools then register now by clicking here.