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Build the Foundation First

Earlier this week Adam and I had a chat about our Teacher Wellbeing Partnerships and how this can support your whole school.

You might have noticed by now that Teacher Wellbeing is an important topic.

We know Teacher Wellbeing matters, not just for teachers, but for entire schools. We also know that the continuous kind gestures you put out there to support your teachers and to boost their wellbeing sometimes leaves you wondering what else you can do?’.

It is time now to move beyond these kind gestures and ways for teachers to engage in self-care (think yoga classes or meeting-free weeks), and instead focus on how you can embed Teacher Wellbeing across your school.

An embedded approach to Teacher Wellbeing means making this part of who you are as a school, and not just something you do. Unfortunately, Teacher Wellbeing isn’t as simple as a Staffroom Gratitude Wall, although sometimes we wish it was.

So how do you do this in your school?

First, you have to build a foundation for Teacher Wellbeing.

If you want a garden to grow you take care of the soil first. The same thing applies here. If you want a school where Teacher Wellbeing flourishes, you have to start with the foundation, the soil, the teachers themselves.  A solid foundation, a garden bed of rich and well-nurtured soil, will mean whatever you plant grows, and planting an embedded approach to Teacher Wellbeing means your school can move from this being something that you do, to it becoming part of who you are. When this happens, you will know you have achieved a consistent and collective approach to Teacher Wellbeing in your school.

Sounds like what you have been looking for? Here is what you need to know.

Our Teacher Wellbeing Partnerships are 12-months long and include:

  • Weekly learning (52 weeks in total)
  • 4 x Podcasts
  • 4 x E-books
  • 8 x Opportunities to connect online.

With a school licence, for only $1950, all educators have access and you can use this content in staff meetings, in staff newsletters and to drive Teacher Wellbeing improvement in your school.

If you are ready to commit to improving Teacher Wellbeing in your school you can sign up here.

Want to have a conversation to see how this can support teachers in your school? Book a time to chat here.

Warm regards,