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Celebrate the Little Things

That’s it. Halfway. The year is moving along at a cracking pace. You have had this group, or these groups, of learners for two terms already and it is time to look back and celebrate the small things. The things that, on their own, don’t seem like much but add up to so much more on the whole.

Perhaps it is a Kindy student who has moved from barely recognising letters to reading words, or that reluctant writer who has started to create meaning and story. Maybe one of your seniors has handed in some homework when you never thought they would.

That little one who is reading, is reading because you stuck by them when it got tough. You created a learning environment where they could, and did, succeed. That senior who has handed in their homework has done that because you did not give up. Take a minute and celebrate that. That is all you! You as the teacher, the adult in the room, are making a difference to this student’s life. You, the voice who says ‘Come on, I believe in you. You can do this!’

All of these little hits, these little wins, are things to celebrate. Moments when you can take a deep breath and think ‘Yes, we are getting there’. Celebrate these moments because in a second they will be gone and you will be on to the next thing.

Celebrate these students. Take pride in what you and they have achieved in these first two terms. Really look at how far they have come. Celebrate you. Teaching is a tough gig but so worthwhile. We need to remind ourselves not only of the important work that we do but how that work is growing people. People who will continue to grow and become members of our world, our society. Small wins need to be celebrated often.

As you rest and recover over these school holidays don’t beat yourself up about every little thing that you are convinced you missed. Celebrate the little things that you know you hit! Every child, every student that you teach is yours for another two terms, what little things will you celebrate next?

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