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Connected, galvanised and forgetful.

I was chatting with a Principal last week who asked me when Real Schools will be starting to sell Partnerships again.

I was a little taken aback.  Did we somehow give the impression we’d stopped?

It reminded me that there are parts of our jobs that we do naturally, parts that we’re not so great at (but reluctantly get done) … and then there are parts that we completely forget to attend to sometimes.

In the circumstances, I’ve decided to forgive myself for forgetting to include a strong sales focus in the Real Schools “business” in recent months.

I’ve been so proud of my team across this period and I know that so many of you have shared that sense of connection with yours across times of great disconnect.  Isn’t it incredible that countless teams have been galvanized in a time of physical isolation from each other?  I suspect adversity does that to people.

We’ve been focused on our three pillars for Semester 1:

  • Service – our intention has been to provide only material that would be useful to you.
  • Generosity – give it all away for free.  Our 20 x Shutdown Brunch PL sessions, our Ebooks we’ve produced and the online Prin/AP/Teacher Chat sessions have been the evidence of that.
  • Advocacy – speak strongly, even in the media, in support of educators when others seek to attack or undermine them.

I’d actually really appreciate your feedback on how well we’ve done that if you’ve got a moment.

But amidst all that, perhaps this Prin was reminding me not to forget that we do really good work as a matter of course in our School Partnerships and also through Real Schools Academy.

Most School Leaders are telling me that there’s a sense of “holding on” at the moment – and that’s fair enough.  Most are also telling me that they’re looking forward to planning for their school’s future again once the break provides a chance to breathe – and that’s fair enough too.

So, if the mid-year break presents as a chance to refocus on what matters in your school and you’d like to chat about how we could be a part of that, just make a time for that conversation at the links below:

We sell some pretty good stuff.  I reckon anyway!