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Connection is where it is at.

When was the last time you connected with your people? Not your work people or your family, but YOUR people. The ones you have chosen that fill your cup, your soul?

When we take time and make time to connect with our people, our world calms. Once shared, our problems become a little smaller and, our dreams – a little larger. Our souls’ rest.

Sometimes, we are the people of our students, and like us, they need to feel connected at a human level. The level where they are safe to laugh, cry and be. We want many things for our students – success, learning, and accomplishment. We want them to do a little better every day; we want to help them open doors to the future. We want so much for them; we work damn hard to help them get there, and in our rush to improve their learning outcomes, we can lose track of the person they are becoming.

Taking the time and making time to connect with your students at a human level might be what their soul needs to calm. A calm soul, a connected person, is in a much better place to hear and learn all of the other stuff.

Connection is where it’s at. For all of us.

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