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Constant change is here to stay.

In schools, we’re pretty good with compliance.  We do so much and sometimes we do things just because we have to.  I remember a fabulous Principal who used to put his 12 JFDIson the staffroom wall (The JDI stands for Just Do It … I’ll leave you to work out what the F stands for!).  The point was – let’s not spend more on these things than we need to.  These are objectives from above that we’ve just got to comply with and get back to the truly important stuff.

Here’s the challenge – what’s important keeps changing.  The kids of today will need a far different skillset for the future, yet we keep incesantly planning around what they’ll need to know to perform now, using mandated review templates and strat plan proformas, with little regard for how they’ll need to use their skills and knowledge.

A clever fella called Peter Diamandis is challenging us to think about who our kids will need to be and for schools to imagine planning to build kids capable of five things in the age of artificial intelligence:

  1. Passion – are they actively working towards finding work that ignites and excites them?
  2. Curiosity – can our kids ask amazing, deep and wondrous questions?
  3. Imagination – are they aware of the immense potential of their own ability to visualise and problem solve?
  4. Critical thinking – can they navigate fact from fiction in domains such as the media?
  5. Grit/persistence – can they perservere in the pursuit of long-term goals?

Now, if we make this the lens through which we view our work – what does the curriculum look like?

Real Schools Partnerships

We’re pretty pleased with the impact our Partnerships are having on our Partner Schools.  Here’s what Principal Trish Coelho said about our work with St.Joseph’s School in Wauchope NSW:

“Adam spent valuable time with our staff ensuring all were not only challenged in their practice but equipped to engage with students on many varying levels. Adam’s commitment to his work is evident in the manner in which he ensures all key stakeholders within the community are informed and led through necessary processes. Adam was well received by staff, students and parents alike. His ability to communicate and relate to all on their level is truly a gift. Adam comes with such credibility having worked within schools, therefore knowing the real needs of teachers and families.”

Get in touch via or 1300 789 422 if you want some of that!