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Do they say things like this?

It’s been a massive undertaking at Real Schools to take our work in cutting edge Teacher Practice online.  We had a few who said it couldn’t be done!  Launched just 12 months ago, we’re now delighted to have our first Teacher FastTrack Graduates completing the program.  Nervously, we asked for frank and fearless feedback about the program’s impact – both personally and professionally.

Here’s what one TFT Graduate, Stephanie Acevedo-Bates of Roberts McCubbin PS, had to say:
I found the process really convenient! I was able to access the TFT modules at a time that suited me, which made sure I was in the right head space to properly engage with the learning.  The TFT reiterated to me the importance of all the things that underpin teaching and learning – teacher/student relationships, school/classroom culture and climate, and the social emotional wellbeing and behaviour of students. TFT gave me the opportunity to reflect on my teaching at regular intervals, and in a purposeful and directed way. It ensured that I focused on creating the classroom climate that I wanted (and that my students needed), which had a flow on effect to better quality teaching and learning (and a lot less stress!)”

How does Real Schools celebrate when you find out you’re having this kind of impact?  You make more impact!  As a result, we’re halving the cost of the Teacher FastTrack component for the next month.  That means, you can provide 12 months of support for one of your Teachers for just $475.  We think that’s a little bit nuts, but we’re also determined that no Teacher should miss out on the benefits Stephanie describes.

What to do?
You can:

  1. Head to our Teacher FastTrack webpage where you can watch a brief Introductory Video, download a TFT Prospectus and even register immediately.
  2. Send an email to for a Prospectus and rather old-school registration form.

The ball’s in your court – could you do with a Stephanie in your school??

FREE Webinar – “Educational Change” … last chance!

Our next webinar is coming up on Thursday afternoon at 3.30pm AEST.  It’s for current and prospective School Leaders and is all about how we can more successfully engineer change in schools (sometimes the most change resistant environments … “did I say that out loud?”).  No nonsense, practical steps will be explained and you can register now by clicking here.