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Do you know what to do?

So, here’s the quandary around School Culture:

  1. Everyone who leads in a school thinks it’s important.
  2. Very few School Leaders have any authentic idea of what School Culture is, beyond a feel or a vibe?
  3. The absence of an agreed definition makes working on School Culture impossible.
  4. Many School Leaders don’t even know what their current cultural contribution is.
  5. All School Leaders would like to be clearer about School Culture and what the first steps toward one they can be proud of are.

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No longer.  No longer can we struggle through the quicksand of this quandary, hoping that somebody will wander by and drag us out of the bog.

We’re the ones who need to step stridently into our cultural responsibilities.

We’re the ones who need to go beyond glibly naming some values for our next brochure and actually seek ways to make them behavioural and habitual.

We’re also the ones with everything to gain by stopping, just for an hour, to find that focus, clarity and freedom.

So, I do hope I’ll see you all on Wednesday afternoon for a Video Tutorial that might just bring your school to the new frontier of school improvement that’s right now on the horizon.

Our schools are about to enter a cultural revolution and staying in the quicksand will not be an option much longer.

Warm regards,