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Do your colleagues know they have SuperPowers?

I’m a firm believer that every single educator has both a SuperPower and a Kryponite.  A SuperPower is something that we’re not often comfortable describing to others for fear of coming off boastful and arrogant.

Yet, we all have them.  So diverse is the craft of Teaching that all of us have a particular kernel, a skill possibly so small as to be almost insignificant – or perhaps not – that we excel in.  Sir Ken Robinson would say that this is when we are “in our element” where our passion meets or expertise.

From my list of my Learning Leadership behaviours, which one makes you smile and feel for the big red ‘S’ under your shirt, just bursting to get out?

  • Simplify – those who are experts at shining a light upon true priorities and avoiding the peripheral.
  • Invent – deliberately not the over-used ‘innovate’ the title of Inventor is for those who see new ways that make life and work easier.
  • Influence – you paint a Rembrandt-esque big picture and are a brilliant goal setter.
  • Expect & Engage – you have high expectations of those around you but match this with support and encouragement.
  • Scaffold – fantastic strategic planners who see the beauty in the detail and making steps clear for others.
  • Fail – you see errors as feedback and are comfortable with risk.  After all, somebody needs to mow the grass at the edge of the cliff!
  • Get it – you model for others and build leadership credibility through being unafraid to get your hands dirty.
  • Reflect – you not only examine your practice but you have develop models and methods for accuracy.
  • Leverage – you build high quality relationships with colleagues and use these for improved collaborative performance.

I know my SuperPower – it’s Influence.  I have a very positive impact on my colleagues and excel in articulating goals, vision and motivation.  I’m proud of my SuperPower and I not only proclaim it but I cultivate it whenever I can.

The converse of this, of course, is my Kryponite – Scaffold.  I can get so ‘big picture’ sometimes that I neglect to ensure the very first steps are in place.  This can cause frustration and despair in my team members.  I’m working on that.

But for now, let’s stay positive.  C’mon SuperMan/Woman … what’s yours?

Seriously …your school hasn’t registered anyone yet?

Places are limited and have been selling rapidly for our Melbourne Restorative Practices Training on June 2nd.  In case, you’ve been living under a rock and haven’t heard about it – we’ll forgive you this residential faux pas just this once – we’ll tell you again.

This is a day to … umm:

  • Develop, reflect upon and transform your teaching practice through the restorative lens.
  • Defeat bullying, disrespect and selfishness in your student cohort.
  • Improve your teaching effectiveness and reduce your stress levels.
  • Establish a positive and sustainable career path.

Yeah – we reckon just one day achieving the above is worth it … big time.

If your school hasn’t jumped on, just click here or for a Rego Form.  But don’t stuff around too long ok!