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Does it provide joy?

Famed American domestic organisation guru Marie Kondo says we shouldn’t keep anything in our wardrobes that doesn’t bring joy. If it doesn’t bring joy, it’s thanked for its time with us and discarded.

It poses an interesting metaphorical question for Principals. If your school was a wardrobe, what needs to be thanked and discarded?

Before you worry about what we need to INCLUDE when all of our students return, perhaps we’d be better served by focusing on what we should EXCLUDE.

After all, did you notice that it’s NAPLAN week this week? Are you missing it? Was it ever really bringing you, your staff, your students or your parents/carers any joy or purpose? Hmm.

Now, I know you can’t ditch NAPLAN from the Prin chair … but you get my drift, right?

That’s a conversation worth having … and we’re going to have it this Friday at 1pm AEST.

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Applying the Marie Kondo approach to your school is about using the Coronavirus interruption productively by collectively identifying the opportunities to reduce clutter, narrow our focus, connect to purpose and create the room in our schools such that true joy and happiness can creep in.

It’s an exciting prospect.

So, grab your garbage bags and prepare to throw some tired, tattered and useless stuff out of your school.  It’ll actually be fun, I reckon.