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Does It Really Have To Be This Way?

Through Real Schools, I’m constantly asking if certain things need to stay the way they are in schools just because they always have been. Examples include:

  • Must the status of Teachers in society continue to decline?
  • Must bullying really continue to be so prevalent in our schools?
  • Should schools really focus on outcomes at the expense of an engaging, relational learning process?

Well, we’ve found another one to challenge. Do our Year 12 students really need to traipse off to the Gold Coast in Schoolies Week to get completely trashed, disrespected and potentially arrested in the name of some rite of passage?  Well, we don’t think this should go unchallenged at all.

What if … now stay with me here … what if Schoolies Week could be seen as the chance to do something that our graduating class of 2015 will remember … rather thansomething they’d like to forget?  What if the opportunity for a shared experience with others making a remarkable difference in the lives of those less fortunate could be the life changing reward for a year of studious toil?

We think it can be.  And recently we stumbled upon the perfect opportunity through the work of Peter Baines.  Peter has established Hands Across The Water to build orphanages in Thailand, so inspired was he as he led the Australian response to the 2014 Tsunami in his previous role with the Australian Police Forensics Division.  Having raised more than $11million through incredible sponsored bicycle rides through Thailand, he’s now providing the chance for Australian students to participate.

If you’d like to know a little more about this incredible opportunity for your Secondary Students just click here to watch a short video, or drop us a line at and we’ll send you the full Hands Across The Water Schoolies Ride Information Booklet.

Right Now – we have Teachers FastTracking!

Now this is exciting!  We’re delighted to have had an incredible response to our new Teacher FastTrack Program.  In case you’ve been hiding under a rock …

  • It’s a 12-month commitment to supporting Practice improvement in our Teachers.
  • It features expertly designed Monthly Modules tailored to topics identified by real Australian Schools.
  • It comprises reflection questions for all FastTrack Teachers – it’s about contextualization not learning in isolation.
  • It’s about consulting with a supported Local Mentor in each FastTrack School.
  • It accesses Participants to expert individualized Coaching.
  • It provides an endless supply of practical support resources.
  • It has a flexible start date – we’re ready when you are!
  • It’s only $950 per Participant – yes, for a full 12-month commitment.  Not a cent more.
  • You’re a click away from Registration – yes, by clicking this highlighted bit!