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Does our work in schools really make a difference?

It’s easy sometimes to be distracted in our work by mounting “busy-ness”.  The workload, the curriculum, the responsibility, the hours and the stress levels have grown significantly over the last two decades.  Sometimes, the work feels so huge that it overshadows the deep reasons that we became educators in the first place.

But let me introduce you to Jennifer Cosham.  She’s an amazing young woman who is taking what she’s learned, both as a shy schoolkid and then as an emerging adult citizen to do what she can to make the world a better place through her passions – photography and animals.

You can click on the above pic to see Jen’s YouTube clip about “The Welfare Project”. 

What I love about Jennifer’s story most is that she wasmy shy schoolkid – many, MANY years ago when I taught her in Year 5 and 6.  Jen reminds me that we should never underestimate the impact of our practice and how small influences sometimes grow exponentially over the years.  I’m proud of her.

Teaching is pretty much the act of planting acorns for trees that you’ll never sit in the shade of.  Well, Jen is my mighty oak and I’m delighted to be in her shade this week.  She’s a living reminder of why I do what I do and I hope she’s a reminder to you too.

Click here to visit Jen’s CrowdFunding Page  where she’s kicking off “The Welfare Project” and do your bit in helping her to help the animals of the world.

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