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Don’t Fill Your 2014 PD Days

Don’t fill your 2014 PD days!

Now that we’re late in the 2013 School Year, the thinking and planning for 2014 will be in full swing. As a former School Principal – I remember it too well!  Your thoughts will also be on how to invest in your people for 2014, such that they are up to fulfilling your strategic objectives.  How will you use that handful PD days?  My suggestion … don’t even think of it that way!

Why don’t PD days work?

I was no expert as a Principal – having once been described as a pretty good all-rounder! I relied on people with expertise in specific practice areas to train my Teachers and have them at their best.  Some were really good! My Teachers were inspired and enthusiastic.Then the expert leaves – forever!  And I found two phenomena could emerge …

1) We collectively struggle when the hurdles and barriers arrive, losing our momentum and enthusiasm.

or 2) We slowly turn the expert’s concept into something it isn’t – because the expert isn’t there to help us implement.

This needs to stop. Professional Learning needs to go deeper than an exciting face-to-face experience once a term.  For PD days to be useful, there needs to be an ongoing commitment, over time and through the good times and the challenges. We need a Partnership and not just some PD.

What’s in a Real Schools Partnership?

When it comes to the critical components of a successful School Culture – Leadership & Teacher Practice – we won’t “drop & run” on you.  We have three key themes for Partnership:

Cultural Leadership – for Leadership Teams looking to transform your school’s culture.
Behaviour Management – for skilling up and building the capacity of Teachers.
Restorative Practices – as a platform for better behaviour, relationships and community connection.
Whatever the Partnership theme, we go deep.  Each partnership has several components including:

Inspiring face-to-face training.
In-class Support for Teachers.
Professional Mentoring so we implement fully.
Tailored Coaching Options.
Highly engaging Parent Information Sessions.
Unlimited phone and email contact.
A huge array of ongoing resources including articles, videos, webinars and e-books to support you.
There are also two types of Partnership.  An ADVANCED PARTNERSHIP lasts across 12 Monthswhile our ELITE PARTNERSHIPS are for schools who are very serious about impact and last 24 Months.  The choice is entirely yours!

What’s it like to Partner?

This is a great pic of our Partner School at Wauchope NSW – St.Joseph’s Primary School.  Here’s what their Principal, Trish Coelho, says about our ongoing Partnership … “Adam spent valuable time with our staff ensuring all were not only challenged in their practice but equipped to engage with students on many varying levels. Adam’s commitment to his work is evident in the manner in which he ensures all key stakeholders within the community are informed and led through necessary processes. Adam was well received by staff, students and parents alike.  His ability to communicate and relate to all on their level is truly a gift. Adam comes with such credibility having worked within schools, therefore knowing the real needs of teachers and families.”

You also shouldn’t take Trish’s word for it, but check out our Testimonials from schools all over Australia.  In 2014, we’re already proud to be partnering with schools like Batchelor Area School, Briar Hill PS, Flinders Christian Community College (Carrum Downs, Tyabb & LaTrobe Campuses), Frankston SDS, Kilvington Grammar School, Mukinbudin DHS, Overport PS, Skye PS and Woodlands PS.

Want to know a little more?

There are so many options … and any will do!

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PS. One more event for 2013!

Through Critical Agendas, we’re running the”Leading Whole School Behaviour Improvement” workshop this Monday.  For Teachers and School Leaders, this is an opportunity you simply can’t afford to miss.  Click here for the full program & registration details.  Student Behaviour remains as the no.1 stressor of teachers, preventer of whole-class academic improvement and consumer of time in schools.  It’s time to find out what the first steps are in making a REAL difference.