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Easy self-care all teachers need to do now!

With the world being a little bit crazy right now, and all things being  focused on Coronavirus, as a teacher you are being asked to do more, which means that your brain is working overtime, stress is high and most likely self-care is low.

When so much is being expected of you and all of the expectations are about giving to others, how could you possibly find the time, energy or space to give to yourself? And if you do, how do you do it without feeling guilty???

Well, the time to focus on you is now, because as we all know ‘you can’t pour from an empty cup…’.

What worries me most though is that most teachers cups right now, including yours, are very close to empty.

Self-care is important, we know that, but how can you do it with everything else going on?

I know what you are thinking; I have too much to do, I have no time, other people need me right now…

This is true, but there are some easy and great ways to include self-care in your day without feeling like you are neglecting others, meaning you can do it without feeling guilty too. 

Here are my top 3 tips for self-care while still looking after others during this crazy time:

1. Put down social media
Right now, our news feeds are inundated with images, headlines and news items dedicated to coronavirus. Yes, we need to stay informed, but we don’t need to know every piece of information. Pick 2 times a day to find out what is the latest news, dedicate this to staying informed, which means only looking at information directly affecting you, and leave the rest alone, you don’t need to know everything!

2. Get outside. Seriously.
Sunshine does wonders for our health, immune system and wellbeing. So, before we all get locked inside for who knows how long (because let’s be real, it could happen), get outside! Take your class outside, eat your lunch outside or go for a walk straight after school and clear your head. I am certain you can do at least one of things each day!

3. Sleep more.
I know it might sound contradictory with so much to do, and your mind racing, but sleep is essential. Without sleep our mind, body and overall wellness suffers. Thinking is impacted, energy is reduced, sugar cravings rise and your ability to function adequately just isn’t possible. Now more than ever, you need to look at your sleep routine, be switching off devices before lights out (1hr beforehand if you can), and reduce your brain activity by watching a comedy or reading fiction. All this helps to make sleep easier meaning the day following is more productive – and we all need that!

One thing I know about self-care is that no-one can do it for you, and no-one else is responsible for it but you. All I ask is that you try these 3 things for self-care, which you can do now, and which are easy enough to do meaning you won’t have to give up the time or energy you need for others.

You look after everyone else so well, you need to look after you too!