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Empowered teaching – the eye of the tiger

‘Hanging tough, staying hungry
They stack the odds still we take to the street’ Survivor 1982

Last night I sat with the very talented and passionate Principal John Cleary of Casuarina Street Primary School in Katherine, Northern Territory. John and I were in the heart of Tiger land and even a few days out from the Grand Final, there was an air of anticipation and nervousness. The Tiger Army were already taking to the streets. I suspect some of them may have started a little early.

Now I apologise for the sporting analogy again but John and I got talking and we spoke about the empowered Richmond supporters who had hung tough despite some incredibly disappointing years and now they are on the verge of something incredibly special. Teaching can seem a little like being a Richmond supporter minus the lack of teeth (sorry Adam I couldn’t avoid a dig at your bogan supporters). It is not all smooth sailing and requires patience, dedication and enormous commitment amongst other things.

What John and I contended was the empowered teachers that we have met had continued to challenge themselves despite the obstacles they faced. They dug deep to find out each of their student’s personal stories including how they liked to learn and invested heavily in the critical relationships that support a student’s learning journey. Interestingly, none of these teachers had any wellbeing issues and the research supports the idea that one of the most powerful strategies to improve well-being is a challenge and the belief that the work is worthwhile. Like the one hit wonders Survivor, who sang in their hit ‘Eye of the Tiger’ they hung tough and stayed hungry despite the odds.

This Saturday, thousands of Richmond supporters and their beloved Tigers will converge on the MCG for what could be a famous Grand Final win. They, like the most talented educators will need to ride the bumps, pick themselves back up again, empowered with the knowledge that the hunger for success or ‘eye of the tiger’ is worth the struggle and makes the spoils of success all the more richer.

Go Tigers!
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Free WEBINAR – Real Evidence – The Bridge from Data Collections to Improved Instruction

Real Evidence RS webinar


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What is the evidence that schools collect that best supports a student’s growth? It poses an interesting question because Australian schools are in the midst of a data driven epidemic that has students being tested so regularly that it is beginning to cost real learning time.

There is a solution to this. Schools need to be smarter about what data they capture and then use it strategically to illuminate the real student story. This no doubt involves, some testing but just as importantly, investing time collecting other vital student evidence such as who they are, how they learn and what they are passionate about. When teachers work together armed with this evidence to discuss their students, problem solving as they plan and then adjusting this planning as their kid’s progress they have incredible impact.

This is not ‘rocket science’ by any stretch of the imagination but a clear ‘work smarter, not harder’ approach to education and is about evidence informing teaching.

This webinar is about by having a more evidence informed approach whereby allowing schools to build the bridge between student evidence and improved instruction. Via real examples coupled with some tricks and strategies that you can adopt the next day in your school/classroom, your school can’t miss this one.