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Equal but Different

The partnership between home and school has never been more important, fragile or tenuous.


Around three decades now of the media highlighting only the problems between parents and schools – rather than the massive volume of positive interactions – will do that. As a result, we find ourselves seeking to encourage parents out of a fixed, adversarial approach to the school and back into partnership.


In our attempts to coax parents into cooperation, we’ve assured them that we’re equal partners in the educating of their child. And that’s largely true.


But this doesn’t make our roles the same. It doesn’t mean we know as much about their kid or that they know as much as us about how learning happens.


We have a distinct responsibility for the educational development of the child that parents are largely unqualified to share with us. (Yep, I know occasionally they think they are!)


Parents trust us more when they believe that we’re much better at educating kids than they are. They want us to be professionals, daunting in our knowledge and arrogantly confident in our teaching aptitude.


In the same way that you’ll trust a surgeon to literally cut you open if they think it’s good medical practice, we need parents to feel such trust in your teaching practice that they’ll thank their lucky stars they can leave their most precious possession in your care for 35 hours or so a week.


So, tell them.


Instead of newsletters, socials posts and assembly speeches that simply report on events or operations, tell them about your achievements, capabilities, skills and results as educators.


Brag, boast and befuddle them with your brilliance until they wouldn’t dare question your authority within the gates of the school.


Keep fighting that good fight,



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