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Feeling Grateful

Simon recently wrote about his acts of generosity and I was lucky enough to be on the receiving end of his random act of kindness. His generosity led to me recognising and feeling a deep sense of being grateful. Not just being thankful, you say thanks with words and it is an immediate response. Gratitude is deeper, it hits your soul.

A random act of kindness, where you are the recipient, awakens your soul and gives you pause. Pause to look at the people you surround yourself with and, in turn surround, the work you do and the lives you touch – the lives that touch you. The deep awareness of reciprocity, the connectedness that keeps us going when we find ourselves struggling to get through the day. The knowledge that there are people in our universe who are there, ready to step up when you fumble, ready to support you if your world suddenly takes a nasty turn. Being grateful is about being not only thankful but ready to repay the favour, to share the love, not because you have to but because that amazing feeling of gratitude and all that it awakens is a feeling worth sharing.

I spent a good deal of time reflecting on the people in my life. Who might currently be feeling the need to be connected, to be supported, to have someone step up with them? I thought about the feeling that hit me when a surprise delivery showed up and I thought about who else needed that feeling. At a time when we are more physically disconnected than ever before people need to know that we are here for each other. Always.

Thank you, Simon, for your generosity. You gave me a gift far more important than what was in the bag, the gift of feeling grateful, of listening to my soul, of knowing it is time to reach out.

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