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Forget Winter … A Revolution is Coming!

I hope you didn’t take the subject of this email too personally!  But if it got your attention at all, you’re probably the type of passionate educator we need most – albeit that you might be feeling a little leg-weary as we conclude the first semester of the Australian school year.

This winter, I want you to give a little thought to the big picture of the Australian educational landscape.  My contention is that we have hit a critical juncture – that of program, technological and curriculum saturation.  We simply can’t fit any more in.  And despite the insistence of schools who look to market the shiniest new iPad program or sports facilities, these are simply not changing educational outcomes against the most modest expectations of ‘return for investment’.  The jig is up on ‘stuff’.

What does it look like to back off from the educational cult of ‘stuff’ and towards an era of substance?  I believe we’re about to experience a practice-based revolution in our schools.  It will be less about what we teach and the toys we teach it with … it will be about how we teach. 

The revolution will be about how cutting-edge Teacher Practice can disrupt instructional models, how it can leverage cooperatively established learning relationships and how it can build creative problem solving capacity.  Only these opportunities can produce the transformational results and a decent return on that investment.

The big question to answer as you charge into Semester Two might just be … Will you be leading the revolution or will you scrambling to keep up?  I know where I’d like to be.

Massive offer on our Teacher FastTrack Program

Semester Two presents a great opportunity to take advantage of our half-price offer on the Teacher FastTrack program.  This is a 12-month commitment to Teachers in your school for $475 (down from $950) and is inclusive of:

  • 10 x practice focused online learning modules.
  • A local mentor to discuss your progress with.
  • Dozens of additional resources.
  • Two coaching sessions with a Teacher Practice expert.

Is it worth the investment?  Ask our recent graduate, Ricky Damiano of Woodlands PS in Victoria …
I found the experience of learning about Teaching Practice online a relaxed and convenient one. The units were easily accessible and could be viewed in the comfort of your own home, allowing plenty of time for reflection. The Teacher FastTrack has illustrated the importance of constantly self-reflecting about teaching practices and everything involved in teaching and learning. I have learnt more about the importance of teacher/student relationships, positive culture within a classroom and how best to ensure the wellbeing of my students.  The Teacher FastTrack has provided me with an opportunity to reflect on my teaching practice, focusing on ways to establish best practice in my classroom. It has provided me with a range of strategies and questioning techniques to use when dealing with difficult behaviours and social issues within and outside the classroom. I have become much more confident and proficient when dealing with these types of issues.”

Visit our Dedicated Teacher FastTrack Webpage to register straight or email and we’ll get your Prospectus and discounted registration happening pronto!