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FREE e-book – “The Culturally Capable School Leader”

So, I recently published a new e-book titled “The Culturally Capable School Leader – How to Define and Strategise for a School Culture that Underpins Success”.

I’m happy for you to have it for FREE, so just reply to this email and we’ll flick it your way pronto.

The e-book does a few simple things as you look to make Semester Two productive and meaningful:

  • It defines School Culture (because I’m not sure we really know what we mean by culture).
  • It provides a methodology for School Leaders to adopt re thinking about School Culture.
  • It introduces a new way of working restoratively, that I’m calling RP2.0.  This is a levelling up of our Restorative Practices intentions such that they impact all of language, conduct and mindset. 

This way, you can get some genuine benefit from your cultural focus in the form of people and programs that thrive.

It’s brief, succinct and to the point.  I really hope you enjoy reading it.

Warm regards,